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Architectural Services for Businesses

At Patrick E Allen Architect, our design form, style and expression transcend mere brick and mortar accommodation. We raise functional architecture to forms of art to give your premises a rich blend of style, elegance, and structure. 

We work hard to fully understand the farthest reaches of our clients' needs, desires and aspirations. That’s why our creative work is logical and attractive, and contributes to work place synergy and delight.

Services include:

  • Interior design
  • Exterior renovation
  • New building design or conversion
  • Voilation removal, Obtain permits 
  • Restaurants design

We work with owners to develop new and renovated commercial properties that are attractive and functional, and capable of meeting the commercial goals of the project. Our in-house team of draftsman, expediters and architects work closely together to ensure that your business needs are holistically addressed, fully cost-optimized – and appropriately implemented.

Find out how we can give your premises the style and elegance that will set you apart in a class of your own.

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Patrick E Allen Architect, P.C 805 East 163rd Street, Bronx, NY 10456
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