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Architectural Services for Homes

Patrick E Allen Architect, P.C,  specializes in all aspects of residential design – including furniture, finishes, colors, materials, and lighting. 

At Patrick E Allen Architect,P.C ,  we work with owners to plan residential communities and homes that are a true reflection of their owners. Whether you’re planning an entire community for development investment, or a single residence, you can count on us to turn your aspirations into reality. Our experience in site plan approval and local and state codes, coupled with expertise in civil engineering and architecture, will save you time, cost and needless worry.

Services in this segment also include:

  • Interior
    • Renovation
    • Alterations
    • Conversions from one to two family, etc
    • New building design
    • Kitchens & Bathrooms design
  • Site design
  • Contract administration and Construction supervision

We view every client and site as a unique mix of opportunity and challenge. Drawing ideas from all project parameters, we create a life space that is not only bold and unique, but also aesthetically appealing, functional and responsive to family needs. Each design is authentic – integrating light, space proportion, and structure with the surrounding landscape. That is why the only thing predictable about our designs is our clients’ delight.

We’re as sensitive to project surroundings as we are to client budgets and schedules. At Patrick E Allen Architect,P.C,  clear and open communication with the client receives top priority – from start to finish.

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Patrick E Allen Architect, P.C 805 East 163rd Street, Bronx, NY 10456
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